The charm     of old wood  

“Atmosphere & Bois” is specialized in reclaimed barn wood from Canada to give them a second life with an inimitable color and texture.


Space of liberty

Refuge, guest room, office or reading space, the livable BUXY module made by Atmosphere & Bois combines an esthetic contemporary and purified space with multiple functionalities.

Wood is its principal asset, respectful of our environment.



The Buxi concept made by Atmosphere & Bois takes as a starting point the constructive mode of ‘low energy based houses.

A powerful insulation containing only recycled wood and the optimal control of the sealing makes it possible to reduce its ecological mark on the environment while guaranteeing an optimal comfort in any season.



The Buxi module is composed of manufactured pre-elements which make it possible to do the assembly quite fast (5 days),and the possibility to take it down, and rebuilt the construction without any damage.


A surface of 22 m ² was developed so as to reduce to a maximum the administrative approaches necessary to their establishment (depending of which country).

The simplicity and the purity of the module as well as the choice of the materials make them possible to be integrated in all kind of landscapes.

bux middle







Inside dimensions                     Width 3,05 m x Length 5,24 m x High 2,55 m


Deck                                         Length 0,65 m X Width 3,05 m


Outside dimensions                 Width 3,52 m x Length 6,25 m x High 3,25 m (off foundation)


Foundations (not included)     –   6 concrete piles , diameter 300 mm, high 900 mm with braces metal ;

–   Plan of ground provided.


Floor structure                         –   For the placement of the floor boxes;

–   6 adjustable galvanized steel feet, fixed on the floor frame;

–   Installation of the adjustable feet on the concrete piles.


Framing wood structure           CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) 38 mm x 140 mm; treated & planed; Vapor barrier.


Insulation                                 140 mm of wood wool Steico Flex, placed between the CLS structure, Panels of wind-bracing & Tywek.


Outside clading                         reclaimed old grey siding, of variables widths, fixed on treated pine lathing with inox screws.


Doors frame:                             Sliding wood door pre painted or in aluminum

Dimensions     Width 3066 mm x Height 2408 mm


Side wood door pre painted or in aluminum

Dimensions     Width 1171 mm x Height 2408 mm


Inside Wall & Ceiling finish:     Reclaimed pine scaffolding wood from Denmark, width +-190 mm.


Floor:                                         Reclaimed Wagon Floor “Color”, engineered (old oak); treatment

with invisible oil Bazin, variable widths (110 mm to 160 mm), variable lengths (800 mm to 2600 mm)




Roof                                         Roof frame & parapets

EPDM Resitrix waterproof membrane on roof boxes

Pre-patinated zinc profiles for sealing of parapets







Equipment & interior                 Electricity and plumbing

installation (not included)         indoor partition, sliding doors on request


Transport :                               Delivery address to be communicated for quotation

Access for a trailer truck

Unloading : tail lift truck to be envisaged.


Accommodation for the assemblers : to be envisaged (5 days of assembly / 4 men)


OPTIONS : Possibility of choosing other wall coatings and others floors on demand


Data sheets of materials : available on demand



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